Quick Fixes for Getac Tablet Keyboard Not Working

Getac tablet keyboard not working

Do You want to know How the Getac tablet keyboard not working. Oh, technology you are so exhausting sometimes! Again, the level of frustration that comes with using your Getac tablet, only to find the keyboard is a bit off cannot be explained. Regardless of what you are doing at the moment, be it very important work, or you are trying to send an email, a problematic keyboard becomes a real obstacle. But don’t worry we have it in stock for you here are some items that you can purchase from us. In this guide, you will learn about some problems with the Getac tablet keyboard, which frequently can take place, and ways to solve them. 

Understanding the Problem 

First of all, it is necessary to establish what may be understood by the name of Getac Tablet. 

The Getac tablets are well equipped for robust use in terrible conditions due to their built quality. It is quite a resilient kind of footwear and is expected to be utilized in construction, manufacturing companies, and other related working fronts as well as in the public security sector. Still, the same as every tool, they can have problems. 

What are the Causes for the Non-Functionality of a Keyboard? 

Some experiences can lead to the breakdown of the Getac tablet keyboard. The problem could be due to an application or script, there could be a problem with the computer’s peripheral equipment or it could be as minor as an improperly connected wire. Now, it is necessary to consider these potential causes more thoroughly. 

Common Causes and Solutions 

1. Software Issues 

a. Outdated Drivers 

The most recognizable cause of a non-working keyboard is as follows, which is the outdated drivers. Check that you have the latest drivers for your tablet. 

b. Operating System Glitches 

At times, the problem can be in the very operating system. Such problems may be resolved through a system update or restart as frequently noted. 

2. Hardware Issues 

a. Loose Connections 

When you are using an external keyboard, you might need to look at the connection. A bad or loose connector is another reason why the keyboard may not perform optimally and this needs to be fixed. 

b. Physical Damage 

Check for any physical signs of any kind of physical abuse on your keyboard. Failure in key operations is occasioned by spills, drops, and other related mishaps. 

3. Configuration Problems 

a. Keyboard Settings 

Other issues can also occur from keyboard settings as well. Needless to say, switch to the control panel of the tablet and look at the options provided to configure the keyboard. 

b. Accessibility Features 

Once in a while, the accessibility options may pose a problem by hindering normal key operation as illustrated by Sticky Keys. Ensure that where you do not require these features, you switch them off. 

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide 

Step 1: Ultra brilliant LCD touch screen displays with Society for Information Display (SID) Certification Multi-touch with gestures support: Capacitive touch Digitizer for better screen accuracy and response Supporting USB host seeding Restart Your Tablet 

As always, attempt to fix the simplest solution first, in this case, reboot your Getac tablet. Even many small problems can be solved with this measure. 

Step 2: The last component is to look for updates: 

a. Update Drivers 

Open the device manager and right click on the keyboard to look for an update for the device’s driver. 

b. System Updates 

Update you operating system that you use on your tablet. Ensure that no updates are pending for your device and how about you install them then reboot your device? 

Step 3: Check the Physical Couplings 

a. External Keyboards 

If the keyboard that you are using is a portable one, then look at your USB or Bluetooth connection. Make sure all the cables are properly connected and all USBs are connected to the correct port. 

b. Built-in Keyboards 

Built-in keyboards should be cleaned of any debris underneath them and none of the keys should stick down. 

Step 4: AutoHotkey to adjust various settings of the keyboard

This uses the AutoHotkey to adjust various settings of the keyboard starting from the key repetition delay, and goes up to the duration of time that the Windows key must be pressed for it to register a press instead of a Windows key combination. 

a. Control Panel Settings 

Switch to your tablet’s control panel and proceed to the settings of the keyboards. Make certain the keyboard is set in the proper rending and language. 

b. Accessibility Features 

 One trick used to check for any existing conflict is by disabling the various options on accessibility such as Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, or any Toggle Keys. 

Step 5: Before proceeding with the troubleshooting, you need to do the System Reset. 

In worst-case scenarios, you may have to apply a system reset. It is important to back up your tablet first before proceeding with this since it will wipe all data from the tablet. 

Preventative Measures 

Regular Maintenance 

Tidy your tablet and keyboard so that it will not be contaminated with dust and dirt. Always make sure that the installed software is up to date and download their respective updates as and when they become available. 

Use Protective Gear 

Also, carry protecting skins and jackets for the tablet and the keyboard to avoid any physical damage. 

Avoid Spills 

Do not expose your device to any liquids at all. This is because a spill can seriously harm the keyboard in question. 


Managing a non-working Getac tablet keyboard is quite irritating but the major point of emphasizing is that often there are ways to solve such problems. If you are performing a basic reboot through to a system reset, these tips should help bring that keyboard back to life. So always make sure to take good care of the car for them not to occur in the first place. 


  1. Why is my Getac tablet not detecting the keyboard? 

Loose connections or cables could be a probable cause, or the drivers might also be out of date; correct settings could also be an issue. Use the following help steps provided in this guide to solve the problem. 

  1. Where shall I download the new drivers for the Getac tablet keyboard? 

Open the device manager on the tablet, look into the keyboard category, and see to whether the drivers have any updates available. Please update your device, if it is possible, and then reboot your device. 

  1. Does physical damage to the keyboard mean that it will stop working? 

Yes, accidents like spilling something on keys or dropping any key is also capable of damaging the keys and making them dysfunctional. Check if there are any signs of wear and tear on your keyboard and wash it each time. 

  1. Where can I find solutions if my external keyboard is not responding on my Getac tablet?

See more about USB or Bluetooth connectivity, ensure that the keyboard is connected in the right way, and look at the connection way and the appearance of the keyboard for damages. 

  1. I would like to avoid similar issues on my Getac tablet keyboard in the future. 

General precautions like cleaning keyboards, not allowing anything to spill on the keyboard, and using things like protective gloves when using the keyboard can go a long way in enhancing the keyboard and reducing instances of malfunction. Finally, ensure that the software being used as well as the drivers are the most recent versions. 


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