How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on Windows Media Player

How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on Windows Media Player-min

Do You Want to Know How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on Windows Media Player-min know, one of those songs that, every time you stumble upon a video with the song on YouTube, it’s simply enjoyable? Maybe, there can be songs that sometimes you would like to hear at any time and in any place and such time could be when you are not connected to the internet. Well, you’re in luck! This post is still on How to convert YouTube to MP3 in Windows Media Player which, as one of the media converters, switches media files interchangeably. It will be beneficial, especially for those individuals who prefer to have the YouTube videos of their choice in MP3 format. 

Why Convert YouTube Videos to MP3? 

Convenience and Accessibility 

Think of having all your favorite YouTube tracks on the smartphone with the ability to playback at any time. This is made possible by YouTube video to MP3 conversion. The use of MP3 files is also tremendously advantageous because these files are compatible with virtually any device. 

Save Data and Storage 

With streaming, you can easily run out of your preexisting data plan and/or storage on your device. By burning videos to MP3, both are saved. MP3s are much more compressed than videos thus saving phone storage and you can download as many as you want. 

Enjoy Offline 

This is among the benefits that make the conversion to MP3 enjoyable; you can listen to your favorite tunes offline. Planes, being in an area it is hard to get an internet connection, or being purposely careful with data usage make having your favorite tracks back with you in MP3 format a different ball game. 

Understanding Windows Media Player 

Features and Capabilities 

The Windows Media Player or WMP is also one of the widely used media players mainly utilized as a default media player for Windows OS. It operates with various kinds of audio and video files, and thus it can be really helpful if you insist on working with your media library.

Supported File Formats 

WMP supports the most popular formats of audio files as MP3, WAV, and WMA, and for video files WMV, AVI, and MP4. Because of this, the software is ideal for converting and playing many media formats as supported by a wide range of devices. 

Before Formatting to Convert YouTube to MP3 

Tools You Need 

First of all, let me make sure that you don’t forget anything; it is time to equip ourselves for the detailed work on the given task. As far as a tool that you would require for this purpose, you need a YouTube video downloader and obviously, Windows Media Player. 

Downloading YouTube Videos 

Before converting YouTube videos to WMV format there are a few general steps, that have to be provided First of all, you need to download the YouTube video that you would like to convert. Both yes and no, regarding free software and websites, are available to perform this function. 

Recommended YouTube Downloaders 

There are some of the best and frequently employed available choices namely 4k Video Downloader, Y2Mate, and Clip Grab application. These are tools that enable you to download YouTube videos in different formats and qualities. 

Step-by-Step Guide 

Your YouTube video is downloaded, here is how you can transform the said video to MP3 format using The Windows Media Player. 

Step 1: Open Windows Media Player To get at the mass of music stored on the computer and play it, follow the steps below Open Windows Media Player. 

Start the Windows media player software on your computer. You can get them through Start -> Search -> Type the name of this program. 

Step 2: In this case, one has to import the video. 

Right-click and locate the YouTube video you just downloaded and open it via hitting ‘File’ then ‘Open. ’ By this, the video should automatically list on the WMP library for use. 

Step 3: Make it into an MP3 

However, WMP does not offer users the direct means of converting a video to an MP3 file, but you can try the following tweak. This means burning the video into a CD then you have to extract the CD into mp3 format. This may sound somewhat All-American, but it works! 

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

Once in a while, you may run into such problems as That format is not supported, or a conversion failing. To minimize these glitches make sure your Windows Media Player is the most recent one installed on your computer. 

Advantages of Using Windows Media Player on the Converted Files 

Built-in Features 

The following are some of the inbuilt prod DOWN features of Windows Media Player that have made it popular for media conversion. It is easy to work with and interacts well with your Windows operating system. 

Another advantage of Remasters which is not observed in ordinary remastering, is in the absence of the necessity to install more software. 

This means that if you are using Windows Media Player, you do not have to use other similar stuff that assist in the conversion of files and these are usually expensive or filled with advertisements. 

As you know Windows Media Player has been also famous with other people and this is the time to know the Alternatives to Windows Media Player. 

  1.  Online Converters: If that is not available, you can try online converters such as OnlineVideoConverter and YTMP3. In simple terms, online of these websites we can download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 without installing any software. 
  2.  Dedicated Conversion Software:  In addition to that, there are specific software in the market like Audacity and Format Factory where the options for media conversion and editing are more profound. 

Guidelines to Follow if the Conversion is to be Stress-Free 

Ensuring High-Quality Audio 

Consequently, to achieve the highest quality sound, it is desirable to download a YouTube video in the maximum quality supported by this platform and then convert the video to an MP3 file. This is important so that the extracted audio is of the highest quality possible. 

Managing Your MP3 Files 

It is recommended to group your MP3s into conveniently addressed folders since the bigger the quantity is, the more challenging it will be to categorize them. This is going to help in the sorting of favorite tracks and overall library organization. 


It is very easy to learn how to turn YouTube videos into MP3s by using Windows Media Player, provided below are the steps. No matter whether you want to save music for offline usage, have all your favorite tracks in one place or simply be efficient, this method works and is moreover rather comfortable. Well, next time you come across a YouTube video that you like, you do know just what to do now, don’t you? 


Is it possible to download YouTube videos using a media player and in the process convert YouTube videos to MP3? 

No, Windows Media Player does not have a function specially made to convert video to MP3 format. But the format has to be avoided because they limit the download speed though you can use a workaround by burning the video to a CD and then ripping the CD to MP3 format. 

Which is the most efficient YouTube downloader?

This website’s prominent YouTube downloaders comprise 4K Video Downloader, Y2Mate, and ClipGrab. 

Is it possible to utilize other online converters, instead of Windows Media Player? 

Of course, there is a list of other online services for converting YouTube videos to MP3 such as OnlineVideoConverter and YTMP3. 

What steps should I take for the best conversion of the files to maintain the best possible audio? 

The quality of the audio depends on the original video downloaded from YouTube and its subsequent conversion into an mp3 file: before conversion, the source video should be downloaded in the highest possible quality, even if the video will be eventually converted into mp3. 

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