How To Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone Without a Computer

How To Convert Youtube To Mp3 On Iphone Without Computer

Do You Want to know How To Convert Youtube To Mp3 On Iphone Without Computer? Namely, you’re on your iPhone, watching favorite music videos on YouTube and you consider the possibility of saving those magnificent notes as MP3s for listening in the offline mode, don’t you? But here is the rub, you do not want to use a computer. No worries! To the typical user without a computer, this guide will reveal how it is possible to download YouTube to MP3 on an iPhone. 

Why Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on iPhone 

Convenience and Portability 

Let’s face it: listening to your favorite tracks on your iPhone is more convenient than always streaming. You can listen to it offline featuring such scenarios as; while on a flight, on car trips, or any place with a poor internet connection. Converting YouTube videos to MP3 gets you the mobility you have longed for. 

To add on this, another advantage is that data and storage space are saved. 

It should also be understood that streaming videos on YouTube will very soon exhaust the data bundle that has been subscribed. What is interesting, with the help of the conversion, not only data but also space is saved, and the videos are turned into MP3. MP3 files are normally less in size than media files so you can download a lot of music and still, the performance of the device will not be affected. 

Understanding the Legalities 

The key issue to come across before proceeding is the legal issues of conversion. Downloading content often goes against YouTube’s policy and rules and it is against the copyright laws. With free sociable video download and converting sites, make sure you have permission to download and convert the given video especially if for private use only. 

Requirements for Conversion 

  • To convert videos to MP3 on your iPhone without using a computer, you’ll need: 
  • A reliable internet connection 
  • In other cases, you can use a Safari app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch or download a specific app from the App Store. 
  • The specific link to the YouTube video you want to convert 

Step-by-Step Guide 

Using Online Converters 

Step 1: To do this, proceed to open the Safari browser. 

Take your iPhone in your hand and go to the Safari browser. Although there are many browsers currently in use, Safari compliments the iOS operating system efficiently. 

Step 2: Popular Search Words to Use: Best Online Currency Converter, Secure Online Currency Converter 

Searched for a perfect online YouTube to MP3 converter. Some sites are YTMP3, Y2Mate, and other sites. Choose a website without any glitches and ensure that it is safe from any malware. 

Step 3: For the YouTube videos, paste the URL of the video: 

Initially, launch the YouTube application on the device that you are using then, search for the video which you are interested in converting and without playing the video copy the link of the video. You can simply do this by clicking the icons that are found near the share button and selecting ‘Copy Link’.‘ 

Step 4: Enter this URL into the Converter 

Return to Safari and copy and paste the URL that has been previously copied into the converter’s search bar. 

Step 5: Choose the MP3 Format and Convert 

Select the MP3 format out of all the given formats and then click on the convert button. It can take a few moments, based on the length of the video that is to be translated. 

Step 6: This is usually followed by Download the Converted MP3 File. 

Once the conversion is done, there will be a link that says download option at the bottom of the page. Tap to download the MP3 file to your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G. 

Using a Dedicated App 

Step 1: Open the App Store, A list of applications will appear and you should look for the application that you wish to install and download or install it. 

Open the App Store and search for an application that is created for managing files and their transformation, for instance, Documents by Readdle or MyMedia FilMae nager. 

Step 2: This means opening the App and getting to the browser option This is done through; 

Open the application and go to another integrated browser to find a proper and appropriate YouTube to MP3 converter. 

Step 3: Find and Copy the YouTube Video URL 

Just like in previous tutorials, open the YouTube application locate a video that you wish to turn into an animated GIF, and, again, copy the URL. 

Step 4: Simply copy the URL of the clip you wish to download and paste it into The App’s Converter. 

Then, the copied URL has to be pasted into the converter in the app’s browser. 

Step 5: Click on MP3 Format and Convert 

Select the MP3 format and click on start conversion to kick-start the process. 

Step 6: How to Save the MP3 File to Your iPhone 

Once the conversion of the video to MP3 format is complete, store the MP3 file in your app’s sandbox or in the iPhone’s Music app. 

Best YouTube to MP3 Applications For iPhone 

App 1: Every user of Readdle who wanted to search for the needed information, use the documents needed for it, or just read interesting articles, shared his or her impressions and tips. 

Documents by Readdle is a multifunctional application that deals with files and media downloads quite effectively. Its integrated browser makes downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 very easy. 

App 2: MyMedia File Manager Smartphone App 

It is also a media manager that helps in managing and downloading of files. It is somehow user-friendly and is particularly used to manage and play converted MP3 files. 

App 3: To develop the proposed approach, the following three software applications: Browser and Documents Manager. 

This app is perfect for downloading files to an iPhone in a direct manner. This one has a browser integrated where you can convert and download YouTube videos. 

Ad Tips to Better Conversion Rates 

Choosing High-Quality Source Videos 

To get the crystal clear sound, often go for the Youtube videos uploaded in high definition. The original video’s quality is directly proportional to the quality of your MP3 so the higher the original good the better the MP3. 

Ensuring Stable Internet Connection 

The constant connection to the internet makes sure that there are no interruptions in the conversion and the download process. 

Managing Converted Files Efficiently 

Always sort and clean up the data stored in your device for it to run efficiently in its resources. To quickly search through your music use folders and proper naming of the folder. 


It’s quite simple to download YouTube videos as MP3 on the iPhone without a computer if the correct tools and procedures are applied. In addition to that, due to the online converters or the specially designed applications, one is also able to listen to his or her tunes offline as well as on the go. Nonetheless, you should make sure that you only use those videos that do not infringe on the copyright laws and the videos that you select are good quality videos. Happy listening! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1: Downloading YouTube videos and converting them into MP3 for Personal use is allowed?. 

It all depends on the content type and the legal rights of the content. Downloading for home viewing is legal but distributing the files is unlawful. 

Q2: Can I use these methods on any iPhone? 

Yes, these methods can be used on any iPhone model where the individual has a stable internet connection and the needed applications. 

Q3: Are online converters safe from various security threats? 

Unfortunately, some of the online converters may be unsafe, so one must only use trusted websites and always ensure their browser is configured to use SSL. 

Q4: Conversion of the YouTube videos to MP3 impacts on the sound quality?

In other words, the conversion of the YouTube videos to MP3 format has one or more of the following impacts on the sound quality. 

The quality of MP3 will be directly proportional to the quality of the video in that particular uploaded video. Thus, better quality of videos would lead to better quality of the MP3 files. 

Q5: Is there any app that can Convert YouTube to MP3 which is free of charge? 

Indeed, you can find many free applications that work as YouTube to MP3 converters even if some of them contain in-app purchases. 

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